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Fly Spray Systems

EPA Registered Automatic fly spray systems to kill & repel insects in your barn

Stall & Aisle Flooring

From rubber pavers to Envirostall, and stall and aisle mats, we can drop ship to your barn or provide customized installation

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Automatic Fly Spray Systems

Our safe, effective, EPA Registered fly spray systems are used by equine vets, hospitals, and surgery barns, gold medal Olympians, champion breeding farms, and countless backyard enthusiasts.

We provide free consultations, professional installation, custom maintenance plans, and prompt and reliable service.

About Our Systems

Our system is an automatic insect control system with scientifically designed nozzles spaced overhead, throughout your barn, and connected by nylon tubing that includes an accurate, solid-state timer that operates the system by opening all nozzles simultaneously.

Nozzles spray a fine mist of our insecticide for a set time on a set schedule to provide a uniform, consistent means of controlling insects. The insecticide kills adult insects, prohibits re-infestation, provides extended out of barn protection through its repellent action, and can control insects in a single stall or over thousands of feet.

About Our Insecticides

The insecticides we use are EPA registered, will not cause irritation to animals or humans, are made with natural, bio-degradable pyrethrin, are water based so there is no oily build up, and kill mature insects and prevent laying of their eggs.

What It Kills & Repels

Stable Flies
Horse Flies
Deer Flies
Face Flies
House Flies
Horn Flies
Bott Flies

Stink Bugs

Insecticide container that fills nylon tubing throughout your barn

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HUNDREDS of Satisfied Customers for over 30 years

Stall & Aisle Flooring

We carry a wide selection of rubber pavers, stall mats, and aisle mats. We can drop ship or provide complete, customized installation.

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EnviroStall's revolutionary, multi-layered system collects horse urine and other impurities, neutralizes them using our EPA-approved microbes designed specifically for equine applications, and then disseminates safe water back into the soil. 

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How It Works

EnviroStall absorbs horse urine down through our Envirofilter, a one-piece layer of water permeable, geotextile material that filters horse urine and other impurities out of the stall and into the EnviroStall system.

The urine then continues through our Enviromat, an anti-fatigue layer of matting that provides a comfortable surface for your horse. This layer greatly reduces stress on your horse's joints and helps eliminate the potential for hock sores.

The urine then settles in a layer of Envirolyte, a stone aggregate capable of absorbing 120% of its weight in urine activating our EPA-approved, proprietary microbes. These millions microbes then digest the impurities, changing them into water and harmless gases. 

The water then flows back into the soil as clean water per EPA groundwater protocols. As long as you keep a horse in the stall, these tiny microbes will be working to neutralize impurities in your horses' stalls. ​​

With EnviroStall, your stalls are virtually pristine, thus reducing the health risks to your horses, you, your employees, and our environment. You can have confidence in knowing that your stalls are sanitary and your stable is the healthiest environment possible for your horses.

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Grid Stabilizers

Our grid stabilizer system offers the following features and benefits: 

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  • Insures a permanent level floor
  • Maintenance free/one time installation
  • Acts as a French drain
  • Helps to control odor
  • Eliminates equine "digging" issues
  • Can be used near fence gates and watering areas to control mud and reduce erosion
  • 2'x2' and can withstand over 70,000 pounds of pressure per square inch
  • They feature a snap locking system that eliminates the possibility of separation after installation.
  • The system can be raised and reinstalled, if necessary

HorseWeigh Equine Scales

Monitor your horse's health safely and effectively with HorseWeigh Equine Scales.

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  • Continually monitor weight gain of foals, pregnant mares, and horses in training.
  • Allow for a precise appraisal of horses' condition.
  • Determine the exact weight of horses prior to any anesthetic, tetanus, vaccine, medication or wormer is administered.
  • Ascertain the weight at which a horse is most athletically efficient.
  • Monitor the stress of competition and travel and the subsequent recovery rate.
  • Detect potential problems before they would become obvious to the naked eye.

Why Weigh?

  • Horses do not need to stand still
  • Mobile - Easily transported
  • Usable on gentle gradients and uneven ground
  • Quick, accurate weight record to +/- 1%
  • 100% water and sand proof
  • Fully charged indicator weighs 500 horses, on average
  • 0.2 pounds - 3300pounds. Overload capacity of 6600 pounds
  • No power source required
  • Use and store outside, including extreme temperatures
  • Single person operation
  • Recalibration never required
  • Robust aluminum construction
  • Quiet weighing environment
  • 9 models: PC and Bluetooth compatible units also available

Key Features

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The F.I.C.S Experience

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