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Our footing products are used in hundreds of arenas throughout the country, ranging from small, private farms to large-scale commercial ones. They are used by beginner and intermediate riders as well as several Olympic champions. 

Whether you are looking for custom blended, pre-mixed footing, a premium dust-free mixture, additives to modify an existing surface, or guidance to help you avoid making costly mistakes, we have the products, experience, and dedication to answer your questions and provide options. 

Whether you are doing a new ring or looking to improve an existing one we are here to help. 

Before recommending an application, we always take into consideration your riding discipline, your existing footing, your desired changes, your maintenance plan and your horses’ needs. Every arena is unique, so we have a variety of products, services, equipment, and specialists available, all with distinctive characteristics and purposes. 

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Arena Services

New Construction 
Base Repair
Laser Grading
Level Ups
Erosion Control

Surface Replacement
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Materials Sourcing
Footing Installation 

fusion footing

Our Custom Sands, EquiFibre Prime, and DuraCush Rubber come together to make this next-generation hybrid surface that simultaneously provides support, consistency, and cushion. This proprietary blend was designed to stabilize footing without making it hard, and to cushion footing without making it loose or deep.   

​Available pre-mixed & in a dust-free version for indoors. For new installations and is turn-key or stand alone.


EquiFibre Prime Footing Additive

Adding fiber to an arena cushions the footing, but more importantly, it increases stability and reduces the shearing effect that straight sand can have. Fibers by nature tend to knit together and overlay one another. In doing so, they create a "root zone" effect, thereby stabilizing your footing. This helps to minimize the track that tends to develop in arenas and the shearing that occurs before and after jumps. Another benefit of fiber is that small dust particles get trapped within the fabric's knit, keeping it from becoming airborne in your arena. Furthermore, the moisture retention properties of the fibers reduce the amount of watering needed.


duracush rubber

When most people think of rubber footing, they picture big chunks of hard, brittle rubber or long strands of tire treads contaminated with steel belting that just sit on top of the footing. That is the rubber of the past....DuraCush is the rubber footing of the future. Our highly specialized production process creates ultrafine, angular particles that are designed to stay IN the footing to offer the following benefits: 

- Provides cushioning without making the footing too soft or deep
- Minimizes compaction and packing without making the footing shifty and loose
- Reduces concussion and helps take the "sting" out of footing 
- Offers shock absorption without bounce 
- Preserves stability and traction
- Promotes drainage
- Minimizes freezing
- Encourages thawing  
- ​Decreases the rate at which dust is created
- Can be added to new or existing arenas
- Especially effective at reviving "dead" footing 
- Does not require an expensive harrow
- Does not make arenas "dark"


Premium fine grade footing additive & compatible with nearly all existing footings

specialized arena sands


Not all sand is created equal!

Determining what kind of sand and how much to install is probably the most difficult component of arena footing. Sand types and names vary from one quarry to another and from region to region. Quarries and sand plants change what they call their sands and how they make it and unfortunately most dispatchers, scale house operators, material haulers, and general excavators don't know the first thing about what makes a good footing sand. What's more, they're trying to sell you as much material as possible and the last thing you want in your arena is too much sand.

We work closely with sand manufacturers and suppliers who engineer specific blends for our applications so we can deliver the best sand blends for our clients.

base materials

Footing is the fun part but the base is the most important component of the arena. The base and sub-base MUST be at the proper grade and the correct pitch for your ring to drain properly and for your footing to perform adequately. 

We offer indoor & outdoor excavation, base materials, base prep, base installation, laser grading, rolling, footing installation, etc. 


The F.I.C.S Experience

I love working with Sandy and her team! They always provide me with the best footing and products for my farm in a timely fashion. The best part about them is they are not a one-time service, they will help you tweak your ring to make sure you always have the perfect surface to ride on. I will always use Sandy and her F.I.C.S. team to outfit my ring and barn!

Chad Keenum
CK Sporthorses | The Plains, VA & Washington D.C. 

Arena Maintenance

PROPER MAINTENANCE is the KEY to the longevity of your footing.

You've invested in your horse, you've invested in your arena, you’ve invested in your footing – you want to be sure to protect those investments with the appropriate equipment and professional support to maintain your arena.  

We take your footing type, expectations, budget, staffing, equipment, tow vehicle(s), time constraints, etc, into consideration to help formulate a maintenance regimen that works for YOU. We have multiple options for maintenance equipment and services available. 

Arena Grooming & Harrows

The Red Master Harrow was designed to prepare the best possible working surface in horse arenas with or without a knowledgeable tractor operator. You have total control of the working depth of the air pockets (cush) and it will maintain a level surface including the kick boards. This harrow is excellent for winter and summer maintenance and the float bar will also compress your surface to maintain consistency. 

Dust Control & Water Wagons

Maintaining moisture in your arena is crucial for proper footing consistency and controlling dust. ​In addition to water wagons, we also offer MAG Flakes. Best suited for indoor arenas, MAG is an all-natural, ultra pure form of magnesium chloride that will draw in water and hold it at an impressive rate. One pound of MAG can hold up to four times its weight in water under ideal conditions. MAG will draw in moisture continuously and indefinitely and suppress dust permanently in any type of footing in any indoor arena.

Maintenance Services

Our customer service doesn’t end when a project is complete, or a product is delivered. We offer a variety of maintenance services so we can help you protect your investment and continue to be a resource. Some of our maintenance services include level-ups, maintenance grading, base repairs, drainage solutions, erosion control, and consulting.

maintenance services & other models available!

The F.I.C.S Experience

I am so happy with the job that F.I.C.S. did updating my footing. I am very protective when it comes to my ring but in the end they made it better than it ever was. Sandy made me feel very comfortable with her experience and plan. I highly recommend them to anyone. 

Louise Serio
Derbydown Stables | Kennett Square, PA 


for arena design & educational seminars

Learn from an industry leader with over 30 years of experience, F.I.C.S President Sandy Hart-Long. Whether you’re planning a new build, renovating an existing property, or looking for a footing expert to speak at a college or seminar, we would love to connect.


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